Mar 182011
Shakira at the inauguration of Barack Obama

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The folks over at HotAir had a great piece today about the MIA President, Mr. Barack Obama.

One line in particular made me shake my head, once again at the leader of the free world.

Even while heading out of town, it seems that Obama finds ways to avoid leadership..

However, the timing is very suspect.  As mentioned above, the federal government is now six months late with its budget, and its deficit exceeds 10% of America’s GDP.  Those are both crises which demand presidential involvement, if not leadership, and instead Obama wants to go on tour.  Also, with the UN resolution approving a no-fly zone, shouldn’t the Commander in Chief be in town to oversee the advent of American military action, assuming that the momentary cease-fire in Libya doesn’t moot the effort?  The beginning of hostilities is a strange time for a President to be taking off for a business trip…

Let’s be honest and start calling for an impeachment against this guy. Not going to support Colombia, but down to Brazil where as we all know, he and his wife will be at Party Central. How dumb does he think the American people really are?

That is always the great thing about popular politics, it is like drinking on St.Patricks day and then on the 18th, your head really hurts and you know you should have stayed with the poison you know, not the poison you don’t. (Notice I did not say democracy? America is no longer a democratic nation, but a nation led by glitter and glam and the mighty dollar. He who is popular can be President)

He, was and is very popular still. Of course, more so with people that have more money than brains my old grandmother would say. Movie stars, rock stars that lined up in droves to support this guy should be ashamed, but they are not. They remain steadfast in their support of this ‘hip’, ‘Kennedy-esque’ hoop shooting president.

I hope that the Obama’s will have a nice, romantic time in South America while the world burns. Maybe he will give us his insights to the upcoming NHL playoffs, just as equally important to his NCAA picks.Maybe he will say something…anything…

Obama: I’m going to Brazil to promote exports « Hot Air.

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Feb 022011
Muslim brotherhood military man in Egypt مؤسس ...

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Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

(empty silence)

The Brotherhood this. Obama that. Sounding like a broken record here. Tired of the indecisiveness of the west. Tired of the sheep being further lulled into a deadly sleep. So today, a change of pace awaits us dear reader. Well, first, I want to quote from Joel Rosenberg’s site :


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Jan 312011
Over the Rainbow (2007 charity album)

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In the latest move to retain power, Hosni Mubarak is urging his new Prime Minister to roll out the Rainbow Coalition to restore peace to the troubled nation. I am just kidding. Although it it would news worthy wouldn’t it? Mubarak reaches out to Israel’s Gay community to step in and restore calm. The White House has not stepped up to the plate, nor has anyone to save a so called democracy from being overthrown and replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now that alone makes me wonder. Countries rushed to Afghanistan, to Iraq, and Serbia to usher in a new era of “democracy”. But here, a dictatorial democracy is threatened and their is muted silence. No saber rattling, no posturing, no..nothing. Maybe it is because of Egypt’s 30 year peace with Israel that keeps the world silent.

We all know that the powers that be want the Muslim world to overrun, annihilate Israel. Well, maybe not Canada’s current conservative government, but for the most part, the world has been plotting Israel’s demise since time immemorial. Sad. Sad that such a  nation could foster such animosity.

Food for thought when considering Palenstine: Early use of “Palestinian” as an endonym to refer to the nationalist concept of a Palestinian people by the local Arabic-speaking population of Palestine began prior to the outbreak of World War I, and the first demand for an Arab state encompassing Palestine was issued by the Syrian-Palestinian Congress on 21 September 1921.After the creation of the State of Israel, the exodus of 1948, and more so after the exodus of 1967, the term came to signify not only a place of origin, but the sense of a shared past and future in the form of a Palestinian nation-state.

What did they claim over the past few millennia?

So Israel and Mubarak might make strange bedfellows. A peace is a peace until it is broken. If this peace is broken, Israel’s border is exposed and as a result, she will have to ramp up her military to cover the great expanse of desert. This in turn, will rile up her Islamic neighbors (as if they need an excuse to be riled) as aggressive posturing. There is no good outcome. Israel is lost.

Of course, this is only my opinion. Roll out the Rainbow Hosni! It is a better idea than doing nothing.


Jan 282011
Krispy Kreme

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As the world watches the unrest in Cairo, I called my good freind Hosni Mubarak and asked him what the unrest was all about.

“Gary” he said, shouting over a very bad Skype connection, “it’s all about donoughts!”

“Donoughts Hosni? We are hearing that it is because you are a heavy handed leader!”

“No,no that is lie! I treat people like I treat my women. People here want donoughts like big fat rich Americans.”

I pressed the issue of being a heavy handed dictator, but he said it was all Western lies. “People do not want tourist monies. They want Krispy Creme franchises and more McDonalds.”

The White House remains tight lipped about the unrest and specifically, on Mubarak’s future as leader one of the worlds oldest nations. Sen. Joe Biden did say on if he would characterize Mubarak as a dictator, Biden responded: “Mubarak has been an ally of ours in a number of things. And he’s been very responsible on, relative to geopolitical interest in the region, the Middle East peace efforts; the actions Egypt has taken relative to normalizing relationship with – with Israel. … I would not refer to him as a dictator.”

Good to know Joe, good to know.

Unrest in Egypt: Ruling party offices burned, reports say; Delta to halt flights – This Just In – Blogs.

Jan 282011
Space Shuttle Challenger ' s smoke plume after...

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Twenty five years ago the sky blazed in a fireball that we hadn’t seen before. The Challenger and her crew were lost over the coast of Florida in a shocking, heart wrenching moment of American history.

Ronald Reagan went to the airwaves, to pay tribute to these astronauts and did an outstanding job. He rose to the occassion and said that this would not be the end of the shuttle missions, but the beginning, as they were still “pioneers”. The Gipper came through for America and there were more missions into space. America prospered. Bruce Sprinstreen led the charge with his Born in the USA album. Remember those days?

Now, flash forward to today. President Obama (albeit not legally President) has returned to the Gipper himself. I was quite suprised when one of the most left wing, spend thrift Presiden’ts of all time had the unmitigated gall to turn to Reagan and mislead even more of the American public down the garden path to destruction.


Bruce Springsteen, at least had the balls to say he was not in support of Reagan using Born in the USA as a platform for Republican politics. I can respect that. But, when a man of Obama’s finger pointing stature, begins combing the history bins to make himself look good..Well, dear reader, I will leave that to you and the voting booth.

Obama needs to forge his own pathways. He needs to step up and lead America into the next round. Not compare America to other nations, nor to point blame at past administrations. Obama needs to whip his team into shape, get them excited about America again, not just their fat cat paychecks and perks on the Capitol.

America needs to heed the words of JFK and begin doing again, for the country and not for themselves. Let’s go out and win this one for the Gipper.