Mar 252011
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Usually, I do not spend time, focusing on Canadian politics. They are generally as bland as porridge, or beige paint. There is going to be another, yes, another election in Canada. Number four in seven year s and an average cost of 300 million per election, it is enough to make most Canadians want to run south for the border. No, even further south, to Mexico where they at least can get some sun.

Canadian federal politics consists of the following:

  • you have a real left wing guy,
  • another left wing guy and
  • some guy who doesn’t speak English
  • a conservative who, is seminally liberal, but not Obama Liberal.

Not too embroiled in scandal, unlike Iggy who made some very disparaging remarks about Ukrainians. In case you forgot, Ignatieff’s 1993 book “Blood and Belonging,” in which Ignatieff refers to Ukrainians as “little Russians”. Ignatieff also wrote that Ukrainian independence conjures up images of “phoney cossacks in cloaks and boots, nasty anti-Semites”.

While the cameras were turned elsewhere today in the House of Commons in Canada, the Opposition Leader;
Michael Ignatieff was caught making these statements: Continue reading »