Mar 182011
Shakira at the inauguration of Barack Obama

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The folks over at HotAir had a great piece today about the MIA President, Mr. Barack Obama.

One line in particular made me shake my head, once again at the leader of the free world.

Even while heading out of town, it seems that Obama finds ways to avoid leadership..

However, the timing is very suspect.  As mentioned above, the federal government is now six months late with its budget, and its deficit exceeds 10% of America’s GDP.  Those are both crises which demand presidential involvement, if not leadership, and instead Obama wants to go on tour.  Also, with the UN resolution approving a no-fly zone, shouldn’t the Commander in Chief be in town to oversee the advent of American military action, assuming that the momentary cease-fire in Libya doesn’t moot the effort?  The beginning of hostilities is a strange time for a President to be taking off for a business trip…

Let’s be honest and start calling for an impeachment against this guy. Not going to support Colombia, but down to Brazil where as we all know, he and his wife will be at Party Central. How dumb does he think the American people really are?

That is always the great thing about popular politics, it is like drinking on St.Patricks day and then on the 18th, your head really hurts and you know you should have stayed with the poison you know, not the poison you don’t. (Notice I did not say democracy? America is no longer a democratic nation, but a nation led by glitter and glam and the mighty dollar. He who is popular can be President)

He, was and is very popular still. Of course, more so with people that have more money than brains my old grandmother would say. Movie stars, rock stars that lined up in droves to support this guy should be ashamed, but they are not. They remain steadfast in their support of this ‘hip’, ‘Kennedy-esque’ hoop shooting president.

I hope that the Obama’s will have a nice, romantic time in South America while the world burns. Maybe he will give us his insights to the upcoming NHL playoffs, just as equally important to his NCAA picks.Maybe he will say something…anything…

Obama: I’m going to Brazil to promote exports « Hot Air.

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