Mar 312011
Jack Layton.

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More money being spent before it is even considered how it will be brought in. Oh. Yeah. Liberal platform. Higher taxes. Ignatieff today uveiled his plan for childcare across Canada. Instead of an actual creative solution, he fell back to the old Liberal mantra of: “Let’s throw money at it and see what sticks.”

“You don’t need a big, vast federal program employing lots of bureaucrats,” Ignatieff said. “What you need is a fast, rapid and responsible, flexible fund that can respond to the needs of provinces.”

In the election, the Liberals have already spent 2 billion dollars without once, telling Canadians how they are going to pay for any of it.  Two words. Higher taxes.

When it comes to national childcare, the Liberals have been promising it every time they come up to plate, but they swing and they miss. Even when they were government, a majority government, childcare was used only as a poor election ploy to fool the masses.

The Conservatives, looking at ideas to invigorate Canada;s economy without heavier tax burdens, today announced they would turn Halifax Harbour into a hub of international trade with India and the European Union. Lord only knows how the East Coast needs some kind of growth.

The bad news in the early stages of this election is that Jack Layton and the NDP are losing ground to the Liberals. While I am not an NDP supporter by any means, I will be here. In my opinion, it would be nice to have the NDP act as the Official Opposition and be a moral voice. That is not to say that the Conservatives do not have a moral and social fabric, but the NDP would have their chance to make sure that that moral fabric did not tear.

The Liberals are dangerous to Canada’s recovery. The Bloc are dangerous to Canada’s unity. The Greens? Well, maybe a little dangerous to Canada’s sanity but I would like to hear more form their leader, Elizabeth May.

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Mar 292011
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I read this little electoral update this morning. The campaign promises are in full swing. Lies are building on more lies. Promises that are meant to be broken are being made today. The Liberals have offered a billions dollars per year for students. I’m glad that he didnt follow Jack Layton’s course of offereing one billion dollars a year per student. (He didn’t really, but he and his NDP cronies would if they could and that is why they won’t.)

CTV 2011 Federal Election | Liberals offer $1 billion per year for students.

Ignatieff stated that The permanent measure would cost $1 billion per year, and would be funded by the cancellation of planned corporate tax cuts. Ignatieff said a Liberal government could have the initiative in place by 2012.

“It’s a billion dollars of new money to make us the best educated country on the planet,” Ignatieff said.

Corporate tax cuts to be cancelled? That will be great for the recovery of the Canadian economic engine. This is what he really said:

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Mar 252011
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Usually, I do not spend time, focusing on Canadian politics. They are generally as bland as porridge, or beige paint. There is going to be another, yes, another election in Canada. Number four in seven year s and an average cost of 300 million per election, it is enough to make most Canadians want to run south for the border. No, even further south, to Mexico where they at least can get some sun.

Canadian federal politics consists of the following:

  • you have a real left wing guy,
  • another left wing guy and
  • some guy who doesn’t speak English
  • a conservative who, is seminally liberal, but not Obama Liberal.

Not too embroiled in scandal, unlike Iggy who made some very disparaging remarks about Ukrainians. In case you forgot, Ignatieff’s 1993 book “Blood and Belonging,” in which Ignatieff refers to Ukrainians as “little Russians”. Ignatieff also wrote that Ukrainian independence conjures up images of “phoney cossacks in cloaks and boots, nasty anti-Semites”.

While the cameras were turned elsewhere today in the House of Commons in Canada, the Opposition Leader;
Michael Ignatieff was caught making these statements: Continue reading »