Jun 062011

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So Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is in the news again this week with further allegations of “inappropriate” photos being shared online with another woman. When the first photo appeared and Weiner gave the news conference, I appreciated his cheeky stylye, even to admit that people make fun of his last name. I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Now it appears that more inappropriate photos may have made their way through the blogosphere.

The moral malaise of America is steadily declining. Democrats and Republicans are continually getting caught with their pants down and the people continue to blindly vote for them. The people give them the power. The people that the founding fathers of America fought so hard to free themselves from this kind of immoral tyranny, are voting without conscience, without compass.

Life is short and this ultimately will be between Weiner and his wife. (Now that is funny when I repeat it to myself!) The voters seem to find him in a favourable light, as they did with Willy when Monica Lewinsky had stains spread across her dress. I find it appalling that people are so forgiving of the politicians who are in power that control every minutiae of our lives, but if the indiscretion took place with a Christian leader, the media and the people hound them until they step aside.

One word: Hypocrites.

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