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Secretary Clinton has called Assad a friend of America (Bush called him a member of the Axis of Evil). Secretary Clinton calls Assad a reformer. She calls Qaddafhi a terrorist thug, because he has chosen to shoot at his own people. He denies this saying that the rebels are Al-Qaeda.

This happened in Syria yesterday while the West were asleep in their beds,while visions of  sugar plums and Obama, danced in their heads:

Troops used gunfire amid protests in the Damascus suburb of Douma, according to witnesses and opposition sources, and one witness saw at least six dead demonstrators taken into a hospital morgue. Witnesses also said a man was shot in the head with a rubber bullet and dozens were injured.
Another death and 10 injuries occurred when troops shot at protesters marching toward the southern town of Al Sanameen, witnesses said. ~ CNN

Bloggers in the outposts have been commenting on this and other deceptions of this government. All impeachable offenses, but the media that hailed Obama as the savior of man, are defiantly, silent. Check out pumabydesign and hotair to name a couple of great sites that are telling it like it is.

Hillary, Obama and Assad have one trait in common. Style over substance. They dress nice. They talk nice. Qaddafi dresses like a French waiter and talks like a thug. They also share a relentless thirst for power, and for the control of the state over the people. That  dear friends is what makes them so very dangerous.

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