Video Don’ts for Real Estate – Planning the shot

This months tip is focused on people that simply point, shoot and post their videos online. A home for sale is your product. You wouldn’t walk into a supermarket and buy something that looked,rotten. So why would you approach your clients homes any differently?

Plan the shot ahead. Is the lighting good? Reflections? Are you using a ND filter to help with lighting from the windows?

Taking time to plan your next shot will help the overall appearance of your video. Take a few moments and think about the scene and then begin shooting.

Hire a professional to shoot and edit the video for you. This will ensure a higher quality product for people looking for new homes and it will allow you as the Realtor, to focus on selling more homes in your area.

This is an example of video don’ts. Who can pick out the mistakes?

Video don'ts - Planning the shot

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Gary has been working in video,web development for over a decade. Prior to the internet, he worked in Film and Television in LA and in Vancouver. In the past five years, he has aimed to help small businesses and artists promote their work online, incorporating, the social media component.
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